Single Rose

Presented in a box with a bud vase.

single rose 1
single rose with vase

6 Red Roses

Presented in a ceramic gold pot.

12 Red Rose Bouquet

Presented in glass vase.

Cupid Arrow Package

6 red roses in Vase, balloons, chocolates, and teddy in a gift bag.

Cupid Arrow Package 1

I Love You Package

12 Red rose bouquet, balloons, chocolates, and teddy in gift bag.

I Love You Package 2

Keri Scented Cloche Candles

100g. Burns up to 20 hours.

Elume Luxury Soy Candles

330g Approx 80 hour burn time.

Chocolatier Chocolates. Variety of soft toys and teddies. Du monde bath bombs and all natural soaps.

chocolate 1
chocolate 2
teddy 1
teddy 2